About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit autymn&ava boutique

Formerly known as Finn&Fringe, I started this business after having my daughter, Finleigh, in June of 2019. I started out selling fringe and tassel earrings - in which the name Finn&Fringe was born! 

Now, almost 2 years later, my business has grown into something I never would have thought I would be blessed with! I now have the ability to offer a range of accessories and clothing while keeping everything at a price point I would pay if out shopping for myself! 

On top of growing my business, I have given birth to our second beautiful baby girl, Ava, in January of 2021.

So why Autymn and Ava?

Like Finleigh, Finn&Fringe was my first baby.. And like my business has grown, so has our family! So please welcome autymn&ava boutique, est. 2021.

This business is not only now a full time job, but will forever be a tribute to both of my beautiful baby girls-

Finleigh Autymn & Ava Lynn.